Work, Health and Safety

The Gallagher Workplace Risk team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering tailored risk management solutions for our clients.


Managing health and safety at work has been a legal requirement since the 1970’s. Done right, it’s a potent differentiator which mitigates your legal exposures, strengthens your tenders and organisational reputation, improves your financial outcomes and fosters a workplace culture where your people genuinely buy into the importance of being physically and psychologically safe.

From simple phone or email based advice to bespoke consultancy and programs, we can provide health and safety risk management services which could make a real difference to your business success. We do this in a way which links your legal obligations and risk management objectives to your insurers’ expectations – affordably, accurately and sustainably.

We can help your business to fulfil its regulatory requirements by providing tertiary qualified safety risk management advisors, executive officer due diligence sessions to assist with engagement from the top and numerous engagement enablers to ensure all levels of your organisation are on the journey.  All of our solutions are tailored to consider your business size, industry and risk management objectives.

Delivering Value

The Gallagher Value Proposition

  1. Our advice could improve your insurance renewal terms and reduce your premiums.
  2. Our relationships with our insurers, regulators and industry bodies means we know your industry well and can provide contemporary approaches to work, health and safety.
  3. Our advice may protect your employees, visitors, contractors and/or the public,  whilst mitigating legal, financial, reputational and cultural exposures to your business.
  4. Our engagements can be a strategic deployment to assist with risk management strategies or equally be operational support to assist your existing resources for a period of time. Many of our engagements are both.
  5. Our team are tertiary qualified, multi-disciplinary and exposed to a broad range of industries.
  6. Our team is locally focused, but nationally resourced.
  7. We have a broad range of solutions that address physical and psychological risk in your organisation and that provide a tangible return on investment.
  8. We embrace technology, innovation and evidence-based approaches to ensure we remain contemporary for every engagement.