Work, Health and Safety

Offering a holistic approach to safety leadership.


Safe Work Australia found that 60% of workers would accept risk-taking behaviours in situations where tasks need to be turned completed urgently. This is hazardous, especially for industries that do not receive any safety training at all. With this in mind, our approach to WHS has always been holistic. While financial measures are great tools to bring to an executive meeting, its over-reliance can lead to problems in the long-term. This is why Gallagher applies a “balanced scorecard” in businesses when it comes to safety leadership. We want you to improve business performance and avoid reputational losses too.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

  • WHS audit or gap analysis and support from our specialised safety team
  • Decision making training for customisable hazard scenarios
  • Online WHS portals to streamline reporting
  • Interactive E-learning modules and self-directed learning
  • Safety Leadership Masterclasses with award-winning specialists
  • Leadership and general workforce safety training
  • Risk specific training programs and interventions