People Management and Thriving Teams

Planning for a 'new normal'


Amidst all of the change and challenge that businesses are currently facing, Gallagher are committed to supporting our clients through this difficult time in every way we can. Our highly experienced team, along with a range of expert industry guests, will take you through practical insights, case studies and evidence-based, best practice strategies to ensure you, your workplace and your team are working well despite the current health, safety and people management challenges. The team will also explore how to be prepared for a meaningful and return to the new normal and what that might look like.

Program Objectives & Key Outcomes

With risk management in mind, our end-to-end programs incorporate:

  • Workplace culture survey
  • Safety operational plans
  • Collaboration and culture strategies
  • Reskilling and upskilling plans
  • Workforce incivility, bullying and harassment programs
  • Mental health management for HR teams training
  • Family and Domestic Violence Contact Officer training
  • Thriving teams in the ‘new normal’ programs and sessions
  • Workplace resource development and socialisation/engagement materials