Injury Management and Return to Work

Injury Management and Return to Work coordination can be complex. Let us support your organisation.


Injury Management and return to work both requires a strategic approach to workers’ compensation, a thorough understanding of policies, and an ability see beyond the basic options. For many, this can be a headache to navigate. This is why Gallagher is here to help your team manage this difficult process and achieve the best results. Our top specialists have decades of experience in handling the most complex workers compensation claims. Our experts have been featured on business podcasts, insurance magazines and national rehabilitation boards.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

The Workers’ Compensation Master Class provides an opportunity to build upon existing knowledge to reduce the financial, operational, and cultural implications of claims.

Attendees are provided with an opportunity to present and problem solve real life claims and challenges in the workers’ compensation space via the use of case studies, effective tools and strategic advice.

Attendees will cover the following topics:

  • Premium and Payments Strategic Advice
    • Premium sensitive claims costs
    • Statistical case estimates
    • Key attributes that drive claims costs
    • Payments being processed through the workers’ compensation scheme
    • Claims status
    • Key dates relating to claims
  • Early Intervention Processes and Policy
    • How to help within the boundaries of your work role
    • Strategic management of injuries pre-claim
    • Legal and organisation requirements for reasonable adjustments and how these can be achieved
  • Workers’ Compensation Processes and Policy
    • Strategic approach to the eligibility process
    • How to strategically manage and support workers with claims
    • How to manage the impact of claims on workplace culture
    • Strategy for Resolving Claims
    • Meeting and understanding your legislative requirements
    • Making the legislation work for you
  • Facilitating Effective  Return to Work
    • Developing strategic and supportive return to work plans
    • Balancing conflicting operational and health needs
    • Managing treating practitioners involvement in the return to work process
    • Utilising independent medical examinations
  • Supporting Managers through the Return to Work Process