Accident & Health

Our expertise in Accident & Health insurances ensures that employers are provided with appropriate and comprehensive insurance solutions for their employees.


We are able to provide a range of comprehensive products at competitive prices that deliver value.

Accident & Health Insurance Products

  • Group Personal Accident insurance, including:
    • Journey insurance
    • Voluntary workers insurance
    • Directors insurance
  • Individual Personal Accident insurance
  • Corporate travel insurance
  • Expatriate and inpatriate insurance

Utilise our Expertise

  • Recommendations and benchmarking
  • Cost reduction
  • Specialist skillset, knowledge and advice

Combined solutions

  • Integrated workers compensation and Group Personal Accident insurance solution
  • Optimal return to work outcomes

The Accident & Health (A&H) landscape is constantly evolving and utilising the experience of an A&H specialist in the Employee Risk Solutions department ensures that our valued clients have comprehensive A&H policies in place at all times.

The ERS team will work closely with you and your clients to create fully customised insurance policies, which considers all aspects of your requirements. We are uniquely placed to develop strategy and implement solutions from a total people risk and benefit perspective.

Delivering Value

Our expertise ensures that our valued clients benefit from:

  • Mitigating exposures associated with compliance risk and ensure governance needs are met
  • Access knowledge, specialist skills and advice outside of your core areas of expertise
  • Customising benefit plans to align with corporate and employee goals
  • Reducing costs and leverage spend by combining benefits in a cost-sustainable fashion
  • Benchmarking benefit arrangements to ensure market competitiveness and appropriateness
  • Improving operational efficiency of benefit programs and ease administrative burden

No matter what industry you are in, your employees are vital to the success of your business.

Our Employee Risk Solutions team place you and your employees at the centre of everything we do.

We pride ourselves on our service and can help to deliver flexible and responsive solutions to our clients. We will work alongside you to provide a solution that works for your business at a competitive premium price point.


Do you have the issue of non-work related claims being incorrectly placed onto your workers compensation policy?

Your employees will always have workers compensation available for work related injuries, but do you have the correct personal accident insurances in place for non-work related injuries?

The Employee Risk solutions team can assess your current insurances and identify gaps.

Do you have employees in VIC, NSW, WA, SA or TAS?

There is no longer coverage in place under workers compensation for your employees whilst they are on their journey to and from the work place to home.

Gallagher can provide you with a Journey Insurance policy to fill this important gap.