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Gallagher Workplace Risk COVID-19 Response

19 Mar 2020

The current COVID-19 experience is causing significant challenge and shockwaves throughout Australian businesses. With daily changes to government directives and increasing social and working...

Case Study – The Importance of Defining Inherent Requirements of Jobs

01 Jan 2020

It is important for all employers to understand that the Inherent Requirements of jobs are not the same as job descriptions. Most employers have job descriptions well documented, including key...

Case Study – Ageing Workforce

01 Jan 2020

The Workplace Risk was recently engaged by an organisation after a line manager recognised early warning signs regarding a mature aged employee.

Case Study – Supporting Employees with Long Term Injuries

01 Jan 2020

Workplace Risk was recently engaged by a large Victorian Council to assist Mary, an employee, who sustained a lower back injury. A Workplace Risk Occupational Therapist was engaged to conduct a...

Importance of Workstation Ergonomics

01 Jan 2020

Employers may commonly believe that only employees with physical, labour-intensive roles are at risk of sustaining a manual handling injury.

Success Story – City of Greater Bendigo

01 Jan 2020

Following a WorkCover premium/claims costs review, City of Greater Bendigo engaged Workplace Risk in 2015 to help enhance their injury management processes and build a strong early intervention...

Why I Became an Occupational Therapist

01 Jan 2020

I always knew I wanted to help people improve their health and well-being, so during year 12 I enrolled in a Psychological Science Bachelor’s degree and a two year Master of Occupational Therapy...

Occupational Therapists and Mental Health

27 Oct 2019

It is well known that Occupational Therapists (OT) work with the elderly to improve quality of life and help maintain independence. It is also well known that OTs work with children to facilitate...

Occupational Therapy Week

27 Oct 2019

As Occupational Therapy week draws to a close, we asked a few of our Occupational Therapist for some insight into their lives and ask why they chose Occupational Therapy as a career.