New Website Launch

Gallagher Workplace Risk have launched a new website for you - industry best advice, services and products to protect your people.
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Today, more than ever before, it is more important to access the information you need quickly, easily and in one spot. Whether you are working from your home or the office, you will find the information you need HERE

Gallagher provides workplace risk advisory services to clients through our dedicated team of specialist consultants. We can assist clients in work health and safety (WHS), workers compensation, accident & health, and training and education via our locally focused but nationally resourced team of experts.

Gallagher Workplace Risk are focused on partnering with organisations to ultimately create a workplace environment that is focused on its people as its single most important asset. This is why we create strategies and programs that either:
1. Protect or prevent workplace injury (‘injury prevention & risk management’ delivered via ‘safety first’ services); or
2. Mitigate and manage the early intervention of employees injuries when and where they do occur (‘injury & claims management’ delivered via workers compensation and Employee Risk Solutions).