About Us

We can help you face your future with confidence.

Who we are

Gallagher is an international insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firm, operating in 45+ countries. We are the chosen partner to more than 100,000 Australian businesses, from small businesses through to multinational corporations and iconic brands.

Through our network of more than 30 regional and metropolitan branches across Australia, we understand local business communities because we are part of them ourselves.

Our vision & mission


That our clients are informed, capable, confident and supported in protecting their people and successfully embracing and managing workplace risk.


To partner with our clients to:

  • Achieve optimum workers compensation outcomes
  • Build safe and healthy workplaces
  • Convert employee benefits insurance into financial advantages

Our Values


  • Doing the right thing, always
  • Treating clients fairly
  • Being honest and open


  • Being well presented in self and service
  • Technical excellence
  • Honouring commitments


  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Supporting and encouraging colleagues
  • Being positive and constructive


  • Determined effort in client service
  • Continuous learning
  • Momentum and energy


  • Solutions driven
  • Contemporary thinking
  • Future focused

People focused

  • Build positive and enduring relationships
  • Treat people fairly and justly
  • Being courteous and respectful

A message from Vivienne Toll, National Head of Workplace Risk

Hello and welcome to Gallagher WPR,

You know, people have this idea that things like workers compensation or workplace health and safety, or employee risk solutions (Accident & Health) are mountains to navigate. They see red tape, piles of paperwork, complicated rules and legislation.

What we see is an aspect of business operations that presents an opportunity for innovation and contemporary thinking, a chance to transform your culture and attitude towards workplace and people risk into something that truly enables your team to work more productively and be more forward thinking.

For many of our clients it’s one of the reasons they choose Gallagher Workplace Risk to access a team of specialists dedicated to making sure your organisation is building a safe and healthy workplace. Our specialised approach means that clients can be assured that our team is working towards a solution tailored to your business: by approaching it from every angle, which in turn gives you confidence that you’re receiving comprehensive risk management advice.

This industry is constantly changing and evolving. There are new ways of doing things and new industry standards. In an environment like this it is vital to not only stay up to date, but one step ahead.

When you’re looking for an industry partner in workplace risk advice look for a partner you can trust – a partner invested in your team, and your business future… Look for us: Gallagher Workplace Risk Practice.