COVIDSafe Plans

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If you are an employer in a State that now requires businesses that remain open to have a COVIDSafe Plan, do you know how to develop and execute one that is specific to your industry?

Gallagher Workplace Risk has a solution for all businesses of any shape or size with a developed  COVIDSafe Plan that will guide your planning and protection of your people (workers), customers and visitors.

These plans are built to respond in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace.

Built by industry OH&S/ WHS experts, our assistance can reduce the burden of an otherwise exhaustive list of requirements during this time. For as little as $500 why wouldn’t you partner with an expert ?

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Your COVIDSafe Plan must set out:

  • Your actions to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
  • The risk control measures and level of face-covering or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce
  • How you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
  • This plan must demonstrate how you will meet all of the requirements set out by your State (Government or Public Health directives).

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT requires several categories of business to develop and follow a COVIDSafe Plan.  All businesses must maintain physical distancing (1.5m and 1 person per 4m2), good hygiene practice and a frequent cleaning schedule.  The ACT does not require the use of a standard template for ACT businesses to use when developing their COVID Safety Plan, but do provide COVID Guidance for some nominated industries.  Regulator Inspectors are currently visiting workplaces to conduct education and compliance enforcement activity.

New South Wales

All businesses can operate under the one person per 4 square meter rule.  Some businesses have specific restrictions about maximum numbers of people permitted at a worksite.  All businesses are required under NSW Public Health Orders to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan to allow operations to occur.

Any business found in breach of the Public Health Orders could face a penalty of up to $55,000 and further $27,500 for each day an offence continues.  Regulator Inspectors are currently visiting workplaces to conduct compliance enforcement activity.


From 3 July 2020, the Queensland COVIDSafe Business Framework applies to all businesses or organisations that are open.  The Government has provided approved COVDSafe Industry Plans.  If a business chooses not to utilise the provisions of their COVIDSafe Industry Plan, it must operate under the relevant conditions listed under the Roadmap and the Public Health Directions. This may include limiting the number of customers on site, completing a mandatory COVIDSafe Checklist and training. If hosting a COVIDSafe Event, event organisers should monitor the list of approved COVIDSafe Industry Plans above to determine whether their event (or specific parts of their event) is covered by one or more specific COVIDSafe Industry Plans and/or for guidance on measures to be implemented in relation to the particular activity. Organisers must ensure compliance with these approved COVIDSafe Industry Plans for the relevant components of your event, including any specific requirements regarding approvals.

South Australia

COVIDSafe Plans are required for defined public activities that include retail, hospitality, personal care and more.  These plans must be complete via a government portal and must also be available at the workplace. Failure to have a registered plan available or non-compliance with directions can result in a $5,000 fine.  Any other employer not captured by defined public activity can choose to complete a Voluntary COVIDSafe plan.


All businesses that have reopened are required to have a COVIDSafe Plan by 15 June 2020.  The Tasmanian Government has provide templates and guidance based on the size of the employer. Regulator Inspectors are currently visiting workplaces to conduct education and compliance enforcement activity.


Under the Stage 4 restrictions, there are new requirements for businesses. Certain services and industries will be able to remain operational and will be required by law to have a COVIDSafe Plan

Workplaces that remain open must have the following:

  • have a COVIDSafe Plan in place that is regularly updated (unless you are a small business with fewer than 5 employees)
  • ensure that any workers that can work from home are able to do so
  • all workers travelling for work need to have an approved worker permit
  • collect records of all workers, subcontractors, customers and clients attending the work premises for 15 minutes or longer (certain exemptions will apply)
  • one worker per four square metres of enclosed workspace or in shared areas
  • unless an exemption applies, ensure that workers do not work across multiple sites, or for multiple employers
  • ensure that workers are in good health – workers cannot work if they are unwell and employers must not require workers with symptoms to work
  • if your worker is unwell, send them home and direct them to be tested. They must stay home until they have their result
  • report any positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) to DHHS, WorkSafe, Health and Safety Representatives, and notify your workforce
  • regularly clean your facilities, shared spaces and provide additional cleaning supplies
  • undertake risk assessments for cleaning and the potential closure of your workplace in certain situations.

The Victorian Government has provided guidance and templates.  Failure to have completed a COVIDSafe template by 7 August 2020 or if a worker is travelling for work without a valid permit by 6 August 2020 will result in immediate fines up to $20,000

Western Australia:

Businesses that are reopening must complete a COVIDSafe plan.  The plan should be available for inspection on request by an authorised officer and should be specifically developed for each worksite (where the Employer operates multiple workplaces).  The WA Government has provided guidelines on what is expected to be covered in a COVIDSafe plan.